Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Time to "Trick or Treat"

 We now have 5 great lucky is that?  They are sooo cute, bright, funny, happy, amazing, and each one has a distinct personality  which makes each family gathering extremely entertaining.  I find myself just sitting and watching the fun.  No need for television, or sports....we have our own "show!"  Two of the boys will be turning two soon, so I decided to make each one a "Trick or Treat" pumpkin to use to gather their "loot."  I made the older two boys their  pumpkins a few yeas ago and since they seemed to like them, I decided to make a couple more for the younger boys, Henry and Hudson.

 I bought a couple of false pumpkins from Michael's, and my husband cut off  the tops and lightly sanded the edges.  I added handles, then ....
the fun part...I chose a ghost to paint for Hudson.  Hudson cracks me up...he's funny, doesn't seem to be shy, and always has a smile on his face.  We live a couple of hours away from him; wish we could see more of he and his brother.
Now, sweet Henry.  He is the first of his generation on my side of the family.  He lives four hours away and I haven't seen him in a long time....but I will seem him in 3 days for his birthday party...Yea!!
 Yep, Frankenstein!  My niece told me that Henry insisted that "Good Old Frank"  had to sit at the dinner table with him the day that he arrived in the mail.  I love to hear the boy's reactions to gifts we send. 
I hope Hudson and Henry enjoy "Trick or Treating" with their new "Pumpkins!"