Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Beatle Birthday!!

 Our youngest GREAT nephew just turned one!  He's soooo cute and one very happy baby!

 His parents are true Beatles fans..and decided on a Beatles themed birthday.  His Dad created this great banner!  

 Even the food followed the theme, including "Strawberry Fields Forever."

 "Ob-La-Chips, Ob-Sal-Sa"

Love Love Me Mt. Dew           John Lennon-Ade               Sgt. Dr. Pepper

My Sister-in-Law is sooo clever!

My nephew called to ask if I would make either cookies or cupcakes for the party, which made me one happy auntie!  I remember clearly when the Beatles came to America and was one of the many who watched them on the Ed Sullivan show.  I had Beatles trading cards, albums, and a Beatle favorite...George.  So I decided to make cookies, and enjoyed every minute trying to re-create that "era."

 The birthday boy, Crew, had to have a cookie all his own,.  But the rest of the cookies were based on Beatle's songs, like  "Strawberry Fields Forever.

 Love, Love, Me Do

 "Yellow Submarine"

 "Octopus's Garden", "Maxwell Silver Hammer", and the Peace Sign can represent a few songs, such as "Let It Be",  "Imagine", etc.

 I love this photo. Crew's older brother, Cael, was photographed eating a cookie representing one of his favorite movies.

 Paul, Ringo, GEORGE, and John...

Some of the other songs represented are"  Blackbird", "I want to Hold your Hand", "I am the Walrus",  and "Here Comes the Sun."  

Needless to say, I had fun making these cookies.  

Happy 1st Birthday Crew!!!