Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring, where are you?

  Tomorrow is the first day of spring...really??  It sure doesn't look like spring here in Michigan!  I am more than ready....
 I am sorry that I have been so behind with my blogging, I am in the midst of craft heaven.  I am still working on fabric flowers for the wedding reception, I am making a wall pocket organizer for a baby shower, I have cookies to make and decorate for the wedding shower and baby shower, I am sewing up a storm and having the time of my life.  Oh yeah, there is work, too.
Yep, as much as I would like to craft all day, every day, I still need to work.  How else can I pay for my craft supplies?   Yesterday, I was driving to a client's home and the expressway was an ice rink, accidents everywhere....I am ready for spring!
 So, while we are deluged with snow, ice, and cold weather, we await spring.  I will be sharing my crafting with you soon, as soon as I get my pictures organized and I meet my deadlines. 
Until then, we can dream of warmer weather, sunny skies, and lush greens...
 cherry blossoms, and....


Have a wonderful week and stay warm!