Thursday, October 10, 2013


I love surprises! Just look at the beautiful surprise that I received this week from my daughter...a Halloween table runner.  I just love it, the colors, the design, the surprise!!

It seems that I have always sewn, but my daughter became interested in sewing this past year. She asked for a sewing machine for Christmas, and we got her a basic machine.  I showed her how to thread the machine and she taught herself the rest.  She is really enjoying quilting and has already made a full sized quilt, plus quite a few lap quilts...amazing!

 We had so much fun this past summer shopping for she has her own "stash!"

Lucky me, a beautiful table runner...what a nice surprise!

 On a completely different note....we live in the city, but have always had a few deer travel in our yard.  We love watching them, but they do tend to eat everything in sight.  But, this summer, surprise!  Look what this Mama deer brought us.....

 2 Baby Fawns!!

 They are soooo cute.  They have basically lived in our yard all summer, and now into the fall.  They wander during the day, but come "home" at night to sleep in our little orchard.

 We would see the Mama...

 And then the babies.....
We hadn't seen the Mama in a long time, then saw a dead deer at the side of the road not too far from our house.  We think it might have been her.  Then we didn't see the babies as often and were worried about them.  No, we haven't named them, haven't fed them, and haven't tried to make them into pets.  We think it's best if they keep their natural instincts, continue to be wary of people, and learn to find their own food.

Yep, they have really grown...teenagers!  And, yes, they still sleep almost every night in our little orchard.  We usually see them first thing in the morning.  They stretch, yawn, and look for breakfast.  They wander during the day, or I should say forage, and some nights they don't come home, typical teenagers.  They stick together, which I hope helps them stay safe.  Winter is coming and it might be tough for them...we hope they do alright! 

        I hope that you are having a great week, with a few surprises coming your way!

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  1. You know, Apples do not fall far from their tree.....Little competition from Abby...what fun! Great Runner! Oh the to watch....must be they feel safe at the Venman Farm....Grmma Sally