Friday, February 24, 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow....

Where is winter?  This has been one crazy winter here in Michigan! 

This is what Michigan is supposed to look like at this time of year.  But, I took this picture in our yard last November.

However, I took this picture in our yard yesterday!  Where is the snow?  In fact, most of winter has been  like this.  We are definitely not used to this "spring like " weather in the middle of winter.  But, as the saying goes," If you're in Michigan and you are unhappy with the weather, just wait a minute!"  There definitely aren't any snowmen around here these days, so, while we wait for our snow to return, I thought I would share a little collection of snowmen with you...

There are an amazing number of snowmen available to collect, if you're interested.  I like having them on display, usually from November through December.

These are my favorite snowmen created by "Kurta."  I just love their expressions and the charming details!

These snowmen are made by "Clothtique- Possible Dreams, Ltd."  From left to right-
Pug Von Snowpatch,  Morley Blizzardo,  Koko Snowflake,  Buster Von Snowpatch

A closeup of Morley Blizzardo

More from "Clothtique"-  L to R-  Cecil Von Snowpatch, Dicky Snowflake, Wendy Snowbird

A closer look at Cecil Von Snowpatch

An amazing snowman created by Jim Shore- "Winter's Haven"

Another amazing snowman by Jim Shore- "Winter's Mischief"

This darling little carved wooden snowman is made by "Crazy Mountain"

This snowman is made of resin, but the creator is unknown.

This very tall "folk style" snowman is made by Enesco.

My Snowman Collection

Like I said, just wait a minute and the weather will change!  This happened in the past few hours!!!  I guess there will be snowmen being built as soon as school is out!  Winter is definitely back!   Stay warm and have a nice weekend!

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  1. Wow. That is a ton of snow! The snow men are adorable.