Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!    Yes,  as you can tell, I am still  having fun decorating cookies.  I used a few of my Heart cookie cutters for this post, and one rectangular cutter for a true Valentine envelope.  I have been trying to improve my piping skills of late, and decided to try out some new techniques that I picked up on-line with these Valentine's Day cookies.  Although I have a way to go, it was fun and I am pretty happy with the results.  It seems the more cookies I make, the more ideas that come to mind.  It was fun to give away some yummy Valentines this year.  And, I am glad that my husband is a true "Cookie Monster!"  He doesn't seem to mind eating up the results. 

Yes, the focus was on piping...

Don't look too close!

This is my favorite!  I discovered that the icing has to be perfect to flow correctly and I need to stay focused!  The rose is piped with a small petal tip.

I hope that all you have a romantic Valentine's Day, full of love!


  1. Those are beautiful cookies! They look so delicate. I like the light pink with the crossed piping. It looks like a puffed-up pillow.

  2. Holy cow up a tree !! Talk about time consumig....those are beautiful, Gayl. . . . .Glad you took pics before Brad got at them!! HVD 2 u 2... Sally

  3. Gayl, these are beautiful! What intricate piping details. tmv