Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Scott!

Happy Birthday Scootie!  It's my son's 25th birthday today, and it is so hard to believe that he is 25 years old.  It seems that it was just yesterday that he was a baby!  I thought it would be funny to follow the format of so many "Mommy" blogs and tell you all about him!

Height:  I think he is about 5'10"-  waaay taller than me!
Weight:  He was 10 pounds when he was born, and now weighs a bit more than that!
Coloring:  He has sandy blond/brown hair (depending on the season), a fair complexion, and green eyes.
Milestones:  Yes, he is  walking, running, skipping, dancing, skiing, swimming, bicycling, driving...we are sooo proud!
Foods:  He eats pretty much everything, but his favorites are lasagna, pizza, macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, sushi, pesto pasta, Mexican.... like I said pretty much everything!
Sizes:  He is wearing big boy pants, shirts, shoes, and socks.  Diapers are only a distant memory, being replaced by boxers!
Vocabulary:  He now has a vocabulary of approximately 2,889,593,201 words, I think.  Some of those words are scientific so I counted them double because they are so long and complicated.  And yes, he can also speak French,! And no, I have no ideas how many words are in his French vocabulary.  He also knows a smattering of Spanish and and a few words in Swedish.  He can sing in Latin, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish. Swahili, Portuguese, Russian, Gaelic and who knows what else!  Yes, he is very verbal!
School:  He is in grade 19.  He is a college graduate (chemical engineering) and is still learning!
But, thank goodness, he is now learning on the job!
Interests:  Scott has multiple interests.  He likes to sing (2 choirs), fish (any kind), brew beer,
garden, blow glass, read, sports (playing and watching), cook, play games (all kinds),  invest money, learn new things ( he has a vermiculture in his basement) , go antiquing and collecting, traveling, Frankensteining computers, and to laugh and have fun!  He loves his family, his whole family, and looks forward to times with all of them.
All in all: He is a really kind, gentle, man, who I love dearly!  We were blessed the day he was born!

Baby Scootie...soooo cute!

For his birthday, I made him cookies to reflect his profession..."Chemical Cookies!"

Early Elementary School

Middle School Spring Break

The "Chemical Cookies"included beakers, elements from the Periodic Table, and molecular structures.

High School Graduation

CH3CO2H- Acetic Acid (Vinegar)    C6H6-  Benzene

College Days- The University of Michigan

More "Chemical Cookies"  -   Erlen Meyer Flasks, Test Tubes, Elements, and Molecular Structures.    H20- Water,  CO2-  Carbon Dioxide

All grown up!

 Happy Birthday Scott!  

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Well, of cource he has your COOKIES for his Birthday...Again, way too clever...Happy Scotts 25th birthday to Brad & did good! Luv, Grmma Sally

  2. This was one of the best posts 'ever!' Love that you borrowed the 'Here is What you are doing @ THIS age!' So funny! The cookies are the greatest. Happy Birthday Scootie! Love, Aunt TMV