Friday, October 14, 2011

Spooktacular Halloween Village

The weather is definitely cooler with a crispness in the air.  The trees are turning magnificent, gold, rust, orange and all the colors in between, some leaves are falling, making walking a crunchy experience, and best of all the pumpkins are ready to be harvested.   This means that Halloween is just around the corner!!!  Yippee, I just love Halloween...I always have and always will!  My family is well aware of my fondness for fall and for Halloween.  As a kid, I loved to "Trick or Treat," carve my pumpkin, and sort my "loot,"  (candy).  I don't remember eating much of it, but, boy has that changed!  So, over the years, my wicked wonderful children have given me my creepy "Halloween Village."  This collection is made by Studio 56, and is so much fun, spooky!

The village is displayed along our dining room windows, so at night its lights are reflected in the windows.  This makes the village is even scarier!

Halloween Village by Studio 56.

The Haunted Cathedral- home of the "Screeching Nun", a distant cousin of the Singing Nun.

The Haunted Cathedral...lit and unlit

The Schoolhouse- Where little goblinettes learn the three "Rs"-  Reeking, Rioting, and 

The  Schoolhouse, lit and unlit

"Dead Creek Mill"-  Where "things" are ground up...don't even ask!  Let's just say that they don't grind grain... it's not fish , but definitely brain food.   (unlit and lit)

The eerie "Windmill"- the sharply honed blades really turn. 

This fellow missed his bus a long, long, time ago...the lamp light actually lights up!

These fellows are lit...literally!  I think I need to add a bar or pub to the village so they have a place to get a re-fill!

I have added fall trees, mainly maples and birch to the scene...along with extraneous pumpkins, gourds, and fallen leaves.

Every small town needs its own water tower, especially one that can advertise its own "Annual Pumpkin Festival!"

Yikes, the tree is alive!  This is one scary tree.  It reminds of the trees from the
"Wizard of Oz." 

Also, every small haunted village needs a witch to create her potions, brews, and concoctions.  Especially if the village doesn't have a pharmacy!  I wonder if she charges a co-pay?  As you can see, the fire lights up, but what you can't see is that she stirs her pot over, and over, and over.

The "Dead End Motel" is for out of town guests, or better yet, out of this world guests.  My husband, my son, and I once stayed in a motel like this.  It was truly a we won't, can't forget.  (and believe me, we want to!)

Yes, there are little boys and ghouls in this town and they definitely need a haunted, old tree house to play in, especially if they need to play "Dead Man's Bluff, Haunt and Seek, or Pin the tail on the Black Cat!"

 I need to think of a name for my village....maybe Verminville, Death Valley, or maybe even 
New Yuck City!

Thank you, my two little "punkins," for my "Spooktacular" Haunted Village.  I love it and I love you!

Hope you all  have a Happy, Haunted, Hairy, and Hellacious Week!


  1. Very cute (and I love how we both have the SAME pose in that costume... too funny)!

  2. I love the village and our costumes!

  3. Gayl, How sweet are those two darling little live pumpkins!?!?! Brings back precious memories! Love your village display and seeing the lights. Had to chuckle along the way with your comments about witches'co-pay' and characters being 'lit.' Especially like the teeny leaves your've spread around. tmv