Monday, October 31, 2011

Haunted Halloween Cookies

Happy Halloween!  Here are some Halloween cookies to help celebrate the day.  I now have  a nice collection of Halloween cookie cutters, and really had a good time decorating these cookies.  Most of them are Wilton cookie cutters.

I used the following cookie cutters: witch's hat, square, witch's cauldron, ghost, 2 simple circles, witch's broom, witch's shoe, tombstone, and skull/Frankenstein.

I really had fun with the witch's shoe, the black, creepy tree, spider webs, Frankenstein, and the tombstones!

Here's a close up of the shoe, cauldron and that cute little candy corn.  Most of the cookies are sugar cookies, but there are a few chocolate chip cookies; the candy corn, witch's hat, black tree, and Frankenstein.

I really enjoyed making this haunted tree.  I think a whole set of cookies decorated like this would be really interesting; such as a witch flying across a moon, pumpkins on a fence post, etc. 

Here's another close up, this one of a crazy witch's shoe, a pumpkin, tombstone, ghost, and broom.
I just love these eyeballs, an idea from  She is a truly amazing cookie decorator!

Here's a little Halloween quilt and another kind of witch's hat.

Well, I am now ready for Halloween...let the "Tricker Treating" begin!
Happy, Happy Halloween!


  1. Not only beautiful and fun, but delicous too!

  2. Wonderful! I wish I could reach in and grab one!

  3. I love the creepy tree and the candy corn. So cool!!!

  4. Oh my ghoul! What delectable and delicious looking cookies! Thanks for such a great post. Can't pick just one favorite. Great work, again! TMV

  5. Welllll, I can vouch that these are not only inviting to the eye, but absolutely delicious to the mouth....oh my oh my oh my! xo jvl