Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Costume Collection

As I stated in my last post, I really love Halloween!  I just couldn't wait to make Halloween costumes for my kids, and believe me, I had fun every year!  We always encouraged them to choose who or what they wanted to be.  They usually came up with some pretty unique ideas.  I think we only bought one pre-made costume over the years and that was because my daughter really liked a  unicorn costume that she saw in a catalog.  It was cheaper to buy it than to make it, so we ordered it.  She was thrilled, it was really cute, and I didn't have to figure out how to  attach a horn to her head!  whew!  I have nothing against buying a costume, but after my kids chose what they wanted to be, finding that costume was always pretty hard.  Besides, as I said, I really liked to make them!  I thought I would share a few of the costumes, hope you enjoy them....

My brother-in-law with my daughter.  I think a friend loaned him this great costume, and we joined in for the fun!  The braids were especially fun to make!

When my daughter was really little, we got to choose her costume for her, yea!  Here she is as a flapper....one of my favorite costumes as a kid.  Fringe and make up....bliss!

My daughter (on the left) really liked "Curious George" and wanted to be this cute little monkey for Halloween.  My son, on the right, chose to wear the same costume when he was about 2 years old.  This costume and the pumpkin (last post) were the only two costumes that were worn by both of them.

Here's my little cow girl ...yee-ha!

Here is my daughter as "Dorothy" from the "Wizard of Oz."  I bet there have been a bunch of Dorothys over the years.  The "Ruby Red Slippers" were fun to make...she left a trail of red sequins through the neighborhood!

Again, my son was too little to choose, so I got to make a clown outfit.  I always wanted to make a clown outfit and a scarecrow outfit.  I got to make a clown, isn't he cute?  But, alas, no one ever  wanted to be a scarecrow...

My son as Santa Claus!  He was really excited about his costume, especially once I had the "padding" made!  He "Ho-Ho-Ho'd" all night long!

The evil Captain Hook...he doesn't look too evil, does he!

After our mini vacation to Holland, Michigan, my daughter wanted to be a little Dutch girl, wooden shoes and all!

My daughter wanted to be a "Genie" with all the sparkles.  Since we live in Michigan, we often have to "bundle up" on Halloween night and fit the costumes over these extra clothes to stay warm.  It can be a bit discouraging, especially with costumes that were not meant to have winter boots!  This picture was taken at school where she was able to wear the costume without all the winter "gear."

"Indiana Jones!"  We made a surprise trip to Disney World at the beginning of the school year and my son, who really loves all of the Indiana Jones movies,  got to witness the "Indiana Jones" production at Epcot.  We found the hat and the rest was pretty easy!  I was worried about the whip (a weapon!) so we taped it closed with duct tape.  There was no way that anyone could open it up!

"The Little Mermaid"  This is an example of having to "bundle up" under a costume.  I think she has a few layers under the costume plus winter boots.  Thank goodness we found some sparkly gloves!

My son the "Fisherman."  He even had a few fish hanging from his belt that you can't see.  He really enjoyed this costume.  At the time, he had only fished a couple of times, who knew that he would grow up to really enjoy the sport!

"Cleopatra" We all learned more about the history of Egypt!  When my daughter's friends asked who she was dressed up as and she told them "Cleopatra," the next question was, "Who is that?"  She was ready with a quick history lesson.

"John Quincy Adams"   Apparently, President Adams is a distant relative of our family.  For a class assignment, my son did a book report about President John Q. Adams and then decided to dress up as the president for Halloween.  When he went trick or treating, with his two friends, one dressed as a football player, and the other as a hockey player, he was asked a lot of questions at each house!

"Betsy Ross"  I think this was our "history period."  This dress belonged to my daughter's great aunt.  She loved wearing it!

I don't remember why my son decided to be a Native American...but, as you can see,  I like to add fringe whenever I can!  haha

"Mr. Money Bags" from Monopoly.  A perfect high school costume!

Here is my son, as a college student, in a costume he designed.  I received a phone call asking" I need some pink pajamas!"  My response was, " huh?"  But, as you can see, he really does look like a bottle of "Pepto Bismal."   And the Halloween costume tradition continues...

I hope that you have enjoyed this little Halloween fashion show...I know that I have enjoyed the memories!

Happy Halloween one and all!


  1. Great pictures, great memories of your creative costume designs!

  2. We've had some amazing Halloween costumes. Great post!

  3. Awesome post and what great pictures! Surely brings back so many memories of years gone by! tmv