Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Great Scott!

 Happy 27th Birthday Scott!

Be forewarned!  It's my son, Scott's, 27th birthday today, so I decided to celebrate this exciting event (exciting to Scott, his sister, my husband, and myself) by reminiscing with photos of Scott. And yes, being his Mom, every pictures of him is a treasure.  So, I had a terribly hard time cutting down on the choices.  So, I gave up and decided to show many of the ones I love.  Sorry!  
 So cute in a Christmas velvet suit!  Always a smile!

 Snow shoveling..wish he still lived at home so he could have helped this winter!

 Crazy hair.... the kids at church would ask me how I "spiked" his hair!

 I had fun picking out his outfits...didn't last long, I wonder why?

 A pony for Christmas!

The Great Pumpkin!
 Yep, he still likes to lay on the couch and watch TV, who doesn't?

 Looking for Prairie Dogs on our vacation "Out West."

 Halloween...he decided that he wanted to be Santa Claus!

 Captain Hook!

 Halloween again..."Indiana Jones"

Roller Blading.... I was very safety conscious, can you tell?

 Yep, another Halloween.....President John Quincy Adams, a distant relative.

 His first garden was very successful!

 Middle school football


Scott and part of his Monopoly collection.

Lead in the high school musical- "Starmites!"   Here he is as "Space Punk"

Eagle Scout!

Too funny!

Williamsburg, Virginia

Avignon, France

Halloween while in college.."Pepto Bismal"

University of Michigan Men's Glee Club

U of M college graduation..."Where is Scott?"  Find the center and scan left and you will see him facing the camera with both hands in the air.

College graduation...time to look for a job!



Fly fishing

Rock collecting in Lake Superior

Kind, intelligent, funny, helpful, interesting, talented, and
All grown up!

Happy Birthday Scoot, hope you have a terrific day!
It has been a joy and a privilege being your Mom.
Love you!!

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  1. What a terrific recap and celebration of Scootie's birthday!! tmv