Friday, February 7, 2014


Whew! What a cold and snowy winter here and everywhere else!  We still have cold, cold temperatures and pretty deep snow to muddle through.  But, we made it through the ice storm and lost power for a week right after I was being thankful for not losing power.  It was our first Christmas actually relying on the fire place for warmth.  But, it was a wonderful Christmas, despite the inconvenience of toilets that wouldn't flush and no hot water to shower.  Maybe I should say it was a wonderful stinky Christmas, hehe!

But, here is it January 2014, and I received a phone call from one of my little GREAT nephews requesting DINO  COOKIES for his 4th DINO birthday party!  I asked, "How many do you need?"  And  he replied, "LOTS!"  Can you tell he was pretty excited?  But, I was excited, too.  He wasn't very specific about the cookie design (he is 4 after all!) but he did mention "BONES!"  After checking with his Mom, she was happy with colorful DINOS!

So, I had a ball making multi-colored Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyls, T Rex, Velociraptor, and Brontosaurus.

I found some cute DINO heads at, and even designed a few of my own.  I actually liked making the heads and faces better than the DINOS.

My Great nephew had a wonderful DINO Birthday Party, with beautiful Dinosaur decorations, a delicious Dino decorated chocolate cake made by his Mom, and amazing rock fossils that we broke open to find a dinosaur inside, made by the birthday boy and his Mom. He received wonderful gifts, but the best part was to have the family together. We laughed a lot!

But, even as I was planning the cookie designs, I kept thinking about "Bones."  How could I make a Dinosaur "Bones" cookie?

Then Voila!
I was able to make Dinosaur skeleton cookies, thanks to the following cutters and presses:

I quickly ordered the "Dig-Ins" Dino cookie cutters and presses and they arrived a day before the party, whew!
I made cinnamon sugar cookies to have a slightly darker cookie.  After rolling out the cookie dough, I pressed the cutter into the dough and then pressed the stamp into the dough with the cutter in place.   Pressing inside the cookie cutter kept the shape of the cutter and made a really great impression of the Dino bones.  There were three Dinosaur cutters/presses in the box.  After baking and cooling the cookies, I just flooded the impressions with white Royal Icing.  I think they turned out pretty well  and was so happy to deliver Dino Bones to the birthday boy!

He was happy ,too!

Happy Birthday Parker!!!

Hope you have a good week and stay warm!

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  1. So sorry we missed the party and these cute cookies.....What a HIT for the party!! More snow coming TODAY! Can i get a ENOUGH ALREADY !! Spring HAS to be oming soon...Spring Training is about to start! Grmma Sally