Friday, January 18, 2013

Vinyl Traveler's Tote

I have a very good friend who has a 3 year old granddaughter for whom she often babysits.  My friend is very creative, and she and her granddaughter always seem to have grand outings and lots of fun!  For Christmas, I made a "Grammy Tote" for her that she could use to pack all the needed essentials for these, books, wipes, juice boxes, snacks, water bottles, extra clothes....  I used cotton backed vinyl for the tote so that it would be easy to clean and durable.  This fabric is similar to oil cloth, but lighter weight and more flexible.  I have been wanting to sew with this type of fabric for awhile and was interested in finding out how well it worked with my sewing machine.  So, I read up on the special Teflon presser foots, using clamps instead of pins, possibly the need to sew over tissue paper, etc.   However, it worked beautifully with my machine, without the need for any new adaptations to the machine.  I did use small paper clamps  instead of pins, but that was the only difference. 

The pattern, "The Traveler's Tote" by Anything But Boring, incorporated multiple interior pockets, a magnetic clasp, and an open bottomed pocket to secure a water bottle. 

My friend is very pleased with the tote and has used it quite a bit for outings with her granddaughter.  However, last night, she told me that she is now using it as an electronics tote, and it is perfect.  She is able to take her ipad, Kindle Fire, cell phone, and use each of the pockets to keep the recharging cords separate and organized.  The padding on the sides of the tote along with the vinyl exterior, protect the electronics.  

I am glad that she likes her Christmas gift, and that she is able to use it for multiple  uses.  Since this project was fun to make and turned out well,  I am anxious to make more items from the cotton backed vinyl.  You may also enjoy giving it a try!

It has finally turned very cold here in Michigan and is snowing!  Have a great week, and stay warm!


  1. Gayl - what an awesome gift and such great fabric. Just proves that there are many uses for a nice tote with many organizing pockets. I have not ever sewn on that fabric, so it's good to hear you didn't have to use all the special machine accessories. tmv

  2. LOVE the pattern material....does it have a sturdy bottom too? You are on to this neat project. . .Nice job!..Grmma Sally