Monday, August 6, 2012

"V" Cookies

You're probably wondering why on earth I would make a couple of dozen "V" cookies.  Well, my "niece" was about to graduate from the University of Vermont (YEA!) and my "cousin", her mother, was planing a graduation/family reunion party in Vermont to celebrate this amazing accomplishment.  Since out last name begins with the letter "V", it seemed an obvious choice.  I'm glad she thought of it!!  I decided to used The University of Vermont's colors of "green and yellow" to decorate the cookies.  I really wanted to make each cookie different, which was fun, but took a bit longer to finish.  As you can see, I was really reaching for ideas near the end...
 From plaid, to polka dots, to lace, flowers, and grapes, I was having fun!

At about this time, I started adding butterflies, caterpillars, hearts, balloons , and more plaid and polka dots.  Yep, polka dots are always fun!

My cousin reported that the party was a lot of fun; it's always fun to gather our extended family together.  She said that everyone enjoyed the cookies and each person got to choose their "favorite!"

I'm so glad that I got to make cookies for the occasion.

And of course, Congratulations to the graduate. 

 Good Luck to you, Rachel, we wish you the very best.  Follow your dreams!

Letter cookies can be used for almost any occasion; you can make these cookies as complex or are as simple as you  like.  They are always a winner! 

Happy August...hope you have a great week!

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