Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beautiful Day Lilies

Summer is here and with it comes those hot, humid days when a cool breeze makes all the difference.  Summer is a time for hot dogs at the ball park, juicy tomatoes off of the vine, swimming, and for me...a time for flowers.  I love a beautiful flower garden and hope someday to have the type of garden with a slate foot path through  scads and scads of flowers!  Not too long ago, my cousin bought a fairly new, beautiful house.  Another cousin, who has an absolutely beautiful yard, was asked to plan the landscaping, as the previous owners didn't quite get around to doing it.  I was roaming the yard with her and another cousin and she was throwing out ideas for plantings.  I suggested Day Lilies in a certain area and she said no,  and I think she called them "junk" flowers.  She had some in her yard and had a tough time getting rid of them.  I was really surprised, as I really love Day Lilies.  But, everyone has their own tastes, which makes the world so much more interesting.  I thought I would share some of our Day Lilies with you, and maybe you will understand why I love them!

We have a few different varieties, but all have similar leaves and of course the blooms only last one day.

There is a farm not too far from us, where they develop different varieties of Day Lilies. A couple of years ago, my husband and kids and I each picked out a Day Lily to bring home that we call our own.  My son and daughter can remember the names of their lilies; I don't remember the name of mine...typical!  I should just make up a new one!

This is the "double, frilly," Day Lily that my husband chose. And, no, he doesn't remember the name either.  It is so pretty!

The is my Day Lily, it is more off white than yellow.  The "Day Lily" experts have been trying to develop a white Day Lily, and I though this was pretty close!

This is a pretty common variety of Day Lily.

This is my daughter's Day Lily.  It's called Music Melody...yes, she remembered the name!  I think this one is particularly pretty, so delicate!

This is my son's Day Lily...Vibrant!  And yes, he remembers its' name..Scarlet O'Hara!

I had to show one with a bug inside!

Another one of my favorites!

Yep, Day Lilies are beautiful flowers!

I hope you're enjoying the summer, it is just flying by.  Stay Cool! 


  1. Mary, Mary...Opps, Gayl, Gayl, I see how your garden grows....beautiful flowers.....missed you at partys this summer...Grmma Sally

  2. wow....all the flowers pictures are looking so nice i really like these specially the first and last one is looking mind blowing thanks for sharing such a beautiful pictures with us

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