Friday, March 30, 2012

Niece and Nephew

We have four "official" nephews and four "official" nieces, plus three additional nephews and one niece through marriage...bonus!  Yes, the extra are our nephews and niece-in-law!   We have quite a few "unofficial" nieces and nephews who call us aunt and uncle, but are officially cousins.  But, I LOVE being called aunt or auntie, so I am happy to have lots of nieces and nephews, official or not.  Now, an exciting event is happening in our family: our nieces and nephews are getting married and having babies...and voila, I am a GREAT aunt!  YIPPEE!  We now have four GREAT nephews, Cael, Parker, Henry, and Hudson, and are thrilled with this new expansion of our family.  Not too long ago, Parker turned two and his Mom made my day by asking me to help with his birthday desserts.  She decided to plan a pizza party for him, which changed a little bit with his growing interest in pirates, arrrgh,  so it became a pirate pizza party.  Actually, Parker's pirate pizza party!  She made two amazing pizza cakes, and adorable pirate cupcakes, and I got to make decorated cookies...surprise!

 I had so much fun making the pizza cookies which I put on sticks.  I used grated white chocolate for the cheese, and rolled and molded Starburst candies for the "ham", "pepperoni," and "pineapple".
 The green peppers were sour gummy straws, the onions were hand formed white tootsie rolls, and the black olives were licorice tubes cut into slices.
 And, of course, I had to make a few pirates,   aarrrrgh!
 My husband made a nice foil covered Styrofoam display for the cookies.
 Happy Birthday, Parker,  I can't believe you're two years old already!
 Here are the amazingly realistic pizza cakes, and cute pirate cupcakes.  Pretty nice 2nd birthday party!

 Our youngest niece is a senior in high school with graduation just around the corner.  Recently, she was a part of the cast for Rockford High School's musical, "Thoroughly Modern Millie."  This happens to be a musical, on DVD, that I really love with Julie Andrews,  Mary Tyler Moore, and Carol Channing.  If you haven't' seen it, it's sure worth renting.  The musical takes place during the "Roaring 20's", with flappers, lots of fringe on dresses, beaded necklaces, and bobbed hair.   So, instead of taking flowers to give her after the show, I decided to make a "cookie bouquet" with a "Roaring 20's" theme.
 I am not sure why I picked red, black , and white, but I think I was influenced by one of the dresses that Julie Andrews wore in the movie version.
 Rockford High School
 I had to include a "Flapper."
 Dresses and beads
 Fringe and beads

 More beads and dropped waist dresses.


 All wrapped up and ready to go!
The show was amazing, with some very talented performers.  Our niece did a great job and was thrilled with her cookies.   I'm glad because I was so happy to make them for her.

Now, I best get to work on some Easter cookies!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Think you missed your calling....but glad you have the time & creativity to do these great suprises!! SO clever....Sally

  2. I absolutely love the cookies! So cute!