Monday, August 12, 2013

Bundt Cake Parade

I know what you're thinking right now..."My Big Fat Greek Wedding," the scene on the front lawn where the Greek mother is looking quizzically and saying over and over, "Bundt, Bundt, Bundt.......oh, a cake (kek) with a hole in it!"   hahaha   Well, thanks to Nordicware, Bundt cakes can be beautiful and delicious.  I have a really nice collection of Bundt cake pans, most of them made by Nordicware.  I was planning on making a cake from each pan to share with you, but decided to show you seven of the cakes, and share others as I make them.  The pressure is now off!  All of the cakes today, were made in Nordicware pans.  The above almond pound cake was made in the "Original Bundt Cake" pan.  Nordicware has different levels of pans; I prefer the Pro Cast..heavy, sturdy and the cakes come out perfectly!
Here is a delicious blueberry/raspberry bundt cake (recipe supplied by my daughter), made in the "Chrysanthemum Bundt" Cake pan.

 Presenting a yummy sour cream vanilla cake in the Fleur De Lis Bundt Cake pan.

Here is a delicious double chocolate fudge bundt cake in the "Cathedral Bundt Cake" pan.

 Here's a delicious spice cake in the "Original Bundt Cake" pan.

The cake reminds me of summer... it's another pound cake with butter cream daisies made in the "Violet Bundt Cake" pan.

 Mmmm, a poppy seed cake made in Nordicware's "Star Bundt Cake" pan.

This bundt cake pan is one of my favorites, along with the Cathedral Cake pan.  It's an applesauce bundt cake in the "Bavarian Bundt Cake" pan.

So, next time you need a cake for any occasion,  you might want to consider a Bundt cake...and to make it really special use one of Nordicware's amazing bundt cake pans!

Hope you have a great week....enjoy these lazy days of summer!


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy - beautiful AND delicious. I will have to get the raspberry/blueberry recipe from you. Thanks so much for sharing - and I did share the link to this blog page with Chris. I know he will be drooling over the cake selections! tmv

  2. Those look delicious. I like the Bavarian pan as well.