Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pitcher Perfect

Sorry, I am a tad late with my "collection" just seemed to carry me away these past two weeks.  Lots of paperwork to do for my job, a bit of renovation for our house, cooking for my son who was home for a few days (that was the best!),  and a new computer!  Whew!

But, I am ready to be back on track. This week, I decided to share my "pitcher" collection with you.   This is one of those collections that I did not purposefully collect.  Most of my pitchers have been gifts, and as you will see a few belong to my son.  But, I think they are all really pretty and very different.  I always use a pitcher for ice water, milk, or iced tea when we have guests over, but I tend to use them more as vases for flowers.  So, to really show them off, I asked my husband, the flower arranger, to make a few arrangements for the pitchers...enjoy!

I think this is actually the second pitcher that I have owned.  The first one was a Goofy Grape pitcher that I had in college.  My roommates and I collected all the needed drink packages and sent them away for a free pitcher and four mugs.  I can't seem to find the Goofy Grape pitcher (Yea, I really wanted to add it to this post), but I did find the mug!  Now for my second "real" pitcher.  My parents got me this beautiful pitcher after I moved into my own apartment after college.  It is the perfect size for milk or juice at the table.  But, it is even more perfect for flowers...any color looks great!

                                               A bright and sunny spring bouquet.

This beautiful pitcher belonged to my MIL.  She used it at every family dinner, filling it with ice water.  When she and My FIL moved out of their home, I was lucky enough to receive it.  I love to put roses in this pitcher, because they remind me of her.  She always had a rose garden.  She loved to dry the rose petals on her kitchen  counters and make her own potpourri.  I don't ever remember visiting their home when there wasn't flower petals drying on the counters.

                                          Roses and Baby's Breath, that's my MIL!

This cut glass  pitcher also belonged to my MIL.  I don't ever remember her using it.  It was with her "stored" items.  Again, I was lucky to receive it.  It is quite tall with an intricate design.

                  I think it looks really pretty with a bunch of pussy willows from our garden.

This is a pitcher I made when I was working with clay.  Sadly, I no longer have access to a potter's wheel or kiln.  Having my own potter's wheel and kiln is on my"what to do after I retire" list.  Can't wait!  The lilacs are from our garden...they smell like heaven.

These three pitchers belong to my son, they are all a part of his crackle glass collection.  The blue one was made by Blenko.

                                                      Red Tulips...aaah

                                                 Zinnias and eucalyptus from our garden

                                            Daffodils and snow drops from our garden.

I have a set of Fiesta ware dishes, multi-colored.  Of course, I had to buy a pitcher to match the dishes for family get togethers.  It was hard trying to pick a color.  But this yellow one jumped out and said, "Buy me!"  The lilacs are from our garden.

This pitcher belongs to my son, it is a small crackle glass pitcher.  He has quite a few of these small pitchers as they are pretty common.  I thought that it was perfect for Lilys of the Valley from  our garden.  Another flower scent that is heavenly.

My husband and I bought this pitcher on a trip to Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.  Actually this Pottery Studio was not at Shaker Village, but in a nearby town.  We just love this potter's work, but can't remember the name, or where it was specifically located.  (It was about 28 years ago, so I guess we can be forgiven for forgetting).  It does not have a full name on the bottom of the pitcher, just initials.  But, we are keeping our eyes open in hopes to see this potter's work at an art fair... because all of our matching mugs are now broken!

                          Yes, I bought this pitcher in NYC to go with my Jadeite dishes.....

                                    Doesn't it look great with the forsythia from our yard?

This Waterford pitcher was a gift from my aunt and uncle for our wedding.  Waterford crystal is amazing.  I never have been able to pick my favorite pattern....they are all so beautiful!

                                        This is a pink depression glass simple.

                                                        And sooo pretty with white tulips!

My creative son has been taking a glass blowing class for about 6 months.  He made this pitcher.  It is one of his first creations with color.  I just love the shape.

                                    And, how beautiful filled with zinnias!

This is another of his glass blowing creations.  You now know that he collects crackle glass.  Well, he actually crackled this pitcher and it turned out beautifully!  Fine cracks are pretty difficult.  The hydrangeas really show it off.

                       Here is the same pitcher with tulips and pussy nice.

One last blast of summer color...enjoy it because fall is on its way!

Hope you are having a wonderful September and are safe and sound despite all of this crazy weather!  Have a great week!


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos- and all the flowers from the gardens are amazing!!

  2. What pretty flowers, pitchers, and pictures :)

  3. Well done, Martha, AKA, Gayl! Beautiful...sure make you feel great to be alive with the beautiful flowers...Grmma Sally

  4. What great photos of both the pitchers as well as the flowers. Such nice arrangements! Well done!