Friday, August 12, 2011

Cookie Cutters.....yes, more Cookie Cutters!

About 2 months ago, on June 11, we traveled to Duluth, Minnesota to attend my niece's wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding in Leif Erikson Park overlooking Lake Superior. 

My niece and her new husband decided to use the colors of the peacock for their wedding colors.  Peacock feathers were in all of the table decorations and corsages.  The arrangements were beautiful; peacock feathers mixed with wild flowers, pink calla lilies, and snake grass.  So unique! 

The colors were vibrant, the bridesmaid's dresses were so pretty with matching shawls, and the bride was absolutely beautiful...all this from an unbiased aunt!  Oh, and yes, the groom was very handsome, too.

Our family always has a "family wedding shower" for anyone getting married.  It is a fun get together where everyone is invited, we have lots of good food,  the  engaged couple opens gifts, and there's lots of talking and catching up.  But, my niece lives a few states away and is a teacher.  She just couldn't get away in the middle of the school year for a trip to have her shower.  Also, she needed her spring break for wedding preparations.  So, she asked if we could have the shower after her wedding, during the summer.  Which is what we did.  Her husband is a baseball fan, so the night before the shower, we included a game at Tiger Stadium, (officially called Comerica Park), and had 35 family members in one of the party suites.  My nephew is a Twins fan, but I think he was able to cheer for the Tigers for one night.  It was hot, but it was lots of fun!!!

The next day, we had their wedding shower at my cousin's home,  the official party house!  My shower duties (that I volunteered for) included:  making the invitations, bringing homemade jam for party gifts (surprisingly, quite a few of us make jam and we had a nice selection), bring 2 kinds of salad, 4 dozen hard rolls, Chocolate Trifle, "Opera in the Park" Raspberry Bars, and sugar cookies.  I really wanted to make sugar cookies and decorate them with the "Peacock Theme" in mind.

My Cookie Cutter collection does not include Peacocks, so I had to purchase a couple of new cutters.  The cutters I used included:  (Top L to R) Paisley or teardrop, bridal gown, scalloped oval, (Bottom L to R)  Bird, and Peacock.

Voila...decorated sugar cookies for my niece and new nephew's wedding shower!

Here is a closeup of one of the Peacocks.  I didn't take pictures prior to taking the cookies to the shower, which I have learned is a mistake.  I would have taken more pictures at home, because I would have had more time.  Oh well, live and learn!

My niece and nephew...looking at Lake Superior. 

I tried to decorate the bridal gown cookies to resemble her dress.  So, when she was looking at the tray of cookies, she said, "Look, it's my dress!!!"  I was very, very happy!!

I saw this Peacock Cookie on-line and just loved it.  I thought it would fit the "peacock theme."  I got the idea from Montreal Confections.  Her cookies are amazing and just prove that I need a bit more practice! 
I used the scalloped oval as the center piece for the new husband and wife.

Another much fun to decorate!

A peek at the reception...a couple in love...
Ready to begin their life together...

These cookies were a lot of fun to decorate, they were appreciated by the family and new husband and wife, and were gobbled up ....can't wait to make them again!

Have a wonderful week!  Enjoy the hot, wonderful days of August!


  1. A*W*E*S*O*M*E! Loved seeing the photos from Kit and Evan's big day as well as the BEAUTIFUL cookies. colors---magnificent. You take such care and details with your art, and these cookies truly are a work of art. Bet Kit was really tickled and pleased. Great job, GMV. tmv

  2. These cookies are beautiful- I LOVE the peacock on the paisley!

  3. Wonderful pictures of the happy couple. Amazing cookies. I wish I knew how to decorate like that.